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Current and emerging global business competition necessitates students who aspire to be organizational leaders and managers to look for training and education that equip business executives with the right competencies required to deal with the complex and constantly changing market needs of consumers and societies. Graduates must, therefore, be broadly knowledgeable and yet, except in a specific field of interest in order to analyze specific problems deeply and make intelligent, cost-effective decisions. The Knutsford Master of Business Administration is uniquely designed to provide a holistic business education for graduates.  The programme bridges the gap between the traditional generalist and specialist approach to the training of business executives and leaders. This combination allows graduates to enjoy all the advantages of generalist and specialist courses thereby, increasing students’ confidence, competence, and preparation for industry.

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The overall goal of the programme is to provide broad-based education to graduate students who will produce mastering best practices in Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Economics, Quantitative Analysis, Communication, Legal, Ethical, and Governance foundation to build critical thinking and analytical skills, communication skills, legal skills, leadership and ethical behaviour in students.

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