The faculty provides leadership and support for excellence in graduate education and research programmes. We are the faculty of registration for all graduate students and we work to support the recruitment and admission of the best students to the Knutsford School of Graduate Studies and Research.


An important responsibility of the faculty is to ensure that graduate degrees granted by the University meet high national and international admission and programme standards. We also promote uniform standards of excellence across programmes through establishing degree requirements, granting supervisory privileges, and approving examiners.

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In striving to provide a world-class scholarly atmosphere for our graduate students, the Faculty of Graduate Studies pursues the highest levels of excellence in research and teaching at the graduate level through programme innovation, the pursuit of knowledge, creative activity, and interdisciplinary education.

Programme Overview/Aim


Current and emerging global business competition necessitates students who aspire to be organizational leaders and managers to look for training and education that equip business executives with the right competencies required to deal with the complex and constantly changing market needs of consumers and societies. Graduates must, therefore, be broadly knowledgeable and yet, except in a specific field of interest in order to analyze specific problems deeply and make intelligent, cost effective decisions. The Knutsford Master of Business Administration is uniquely designed to provide a holistic business education for graduates.

The programme bridges the gap between the traditional generalist and specialist approach to the training of business executives and leaders. This combination allows graduates to enjoy all the advantages of generalist and specialist courses thereby, increasing students’ confidence, competence, and preparation for industry.  A wide range of elective subjects grouped in subject areas optional to students allow in-depth knowledge and skills to be built in functional or subject areas of interest in addition to the broad core common courses prescribed for all students.

The first semester of the first year of the programme immerses students in business Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Economics, Quantitative Analysis, Communication, Legal, Ethical, and Governance foundation to build critical thinking and analytical skills, communication skills, legal skills, leadership and ethical behaviour in students.

The second and the third semesters of Year One and Year Two builds on the foundation acquired in Semester One. In these semesters broad core business and management courses are introduced to equip students with key knowledge in business and management.  Students, therefore, acquire the broad generalist skills needed to stay relevant and competitive in the changing environment.

The last semester i.e. Semester Two of the Second Year give student opportunities to select from a wide range of elective courses grouped in twenty subject and functional areas. This section allows students to develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in any chosen field of interest. Students can also customize their studies from the over 90 elective courses to fit their specific needs.


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Meet Our Certified and Professional Lecturers

Fred Oduro-Kunadu
Fred Oduro-Kunadu
Assistant Registrar / Lecturer

8years of experience in Micro & Macro Economics and Research Methods.

MSc. Statistics.

Nana Amaa Twumasi
Nana Amaa Twumasi
Dean of Students

Over 12years of experience in Media, Culture and Society. PhD. in African Studies.

Frank Adjei Ntekor
Frank Adjei Ntekor
Acting Registrar

Over 30years of experience in engineering and manufacturing.

MSc. Governance and Leadership.

Dr. Afua A. Kufour
Dr. Afua A. Kufour
Senior Lecturer

10 years of experience in Public Personnel Administration.

PhD. in Human Resource Management.


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